Digital Detox

Try to switch off your phone for a while to get less distracted. I know it may be challenging, as it is almost as though we do not know how to function without our phones. But we do! A digital detox can only be good for you. It would reduce the ‘noise’ from social mediaContinue reading “Digital Detox”

Find Your Creative Flow

Do you feel stuck at work in the same routines day after day? Are you struggling for inspiration? For many Generation Panic’ers this is common. With very demanding jobs and packed agendas with scheduled activities, we have little room left for creativity. We are often spinning around on a fast-paced hamster wheel – how canContinue reading “Find Your Creative Flow”

In a panic

An overwhelming rush of energy courses through your body  When we are stressed cortisol and adrenaline levels increase in the body; a surge of energy that pushes you into action. You suddenly feel your heartbeat increase, you begin to breathe faster and can start sweating. In the face of something frightening This reaction is called theContinue reading “In a panic”

About Me

Hi, I’m Agi.
I’ve created Generation Panic as a platform and toolkit to help people with over 100 tips and methods to be rid of panic and start to have a good relationship with anxiety.

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