5 things I wish I had known in my twenties

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Do you recognise yourself?

  • Are you in your twenties or thirties?
  • Are you ambitious, driven and have progressed quickly at work?
  • Do you have a packed life (friends, family, gym, work etc.), but you are struggling to keep all the plates spinning at the same time?
  • Do you feel successful but worried below the surface – are you feeling lonely and looking for help to hold it all together?

Anxiety is more common than we think

If the above sounds familiar, you are not alone. It is anxiety. Today, nearly 300 million people worldwide are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, like worry or fear. It can be mild or severe. A healthy dose of anxiety is a positive thing; it can push us further and help us to operate at our best. But when the worry or fear takes over and becomes all-consuming, it can be counter-productive. If your anxiety is ever-present, controls your life and reduces your quality of living in some way, then something needs to change.  

Generation Panic wants more

It is common for high achievers in their 20s and 30s to get anxious and suffer from panic attacks. I call them ‘Generation Panic’. This group of people are usually starting out in their careers, yet have progressed quickly and are doing well. They put themselves under a lot of pressure at work and feel the need to present the image that they are holding everything together. However, under the surface they might well be unable to cope with their anxiety but have no idea where to start and do not want to reveal their “weakness” to those around them. Often these people have already tried a meditation app that quite frankly has not worked… so now what?!

Launching Generation Panic

I want to help these people. I specialise in working with ambitious and driven professionals who have a track record of achieving great things but who are struggling with anxiety. I have been there myself and I am on a mission to ensure that no-one feels as lost and as lonely as I did. There are easy tools and tips to do to make you feel yourself again, so you do not have to deal with what I faced before.

I have written a book – Generation Panic – that is going to be published in 2020, but for now I am launching my blog, which I hope will act as a forum for advice, support and inspiration. I would love you to join my conversations here.

5 Quick Pointers

I have been running my coaching practice for a number of years and I have learnt a great deal. Here are just five pointers that I want to share with you:

  1. You are not alone: Many struggle with their mental wellbeing, but keep it to themselves. It means that the number mentioned before of 300 million people struggling with anxiety is only an indication. It is highly likely that there are many more in the shadows suffering. I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling anxious. To have this knowledge is a step in the right direction to feeling a little calmer and at ease every day.

2. You have the right to ask for help: No one will judge you if you ask for help. No one will look at you differently if you speak up. When you ask for help, it means that you are accepting a change.

3. You don’t have to feel like this: I know it is (almost) as if anxiety runs your life. It influences all your activities and who you are. But that is not a given and you can bring more relaxation and joy to your life. And get back your ‘real’ You.

4. You can get the tools you need to help you: There are a set of tools that can easily get you back on track. It does not have to be costly nor time-consuming. They can bring a difference to your life and I will share these with you soon. The toolkit you can build will be easy to do and you can return to again and again to ensure you do not slip back to where you are today.

5. You can have everything you dream of: With the right relationship to anxiety, you can grow. When you grow, you will see that there are no restrictions on having a fulfilling life. I will show you how.

A way out

When my clients begin coaching with me, they are unable to find a way out and the “just get on with it” voice is beginning to wear thin. They know that something needs to change but they are unsure of where to start. Using my coaching experience, together with my personal experience, I work with my clients’ mindset. This is focused on getting back on track, and in a place where they can feel happier and in control again.

Through coaching I learned to handle my anxiety, I learnt the tools to use whenever I needed them. Today, I have the right relationship with my anxiety: I feel happy and in control – and I want you to feel the same.

A safe place for advice and inspiration

I worked out that there is a need for an easy-to-go-to toolkit; a forum to turn to for support. That is why I am rolling out my blog to do just that: provide guidance. I would also love to hear from you. My hope is that we can meet here. And you will see, that you are not alone.

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Agi Heale is an experienced Certified Professional Coach and Founder of Westbourne Associates. She has a demonstrated history of working with high potential professionals going through transition. Agi is skilled in Coaching, Executive Coaching, Emotional Resilience & Confidence Skills, and Team Building. Excellent coach training with International Teaching Seminars, Coaches Training Institute and City University. Coaching training and qualifications include:

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), over 200 hours training with CTI, the largest in-person coach training in the world
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation and an Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) equating to over 500 logged client hours
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner trained with International Teaching Seminars
  • Coaching for Business Certificate – City University

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