In the media

Article in The Telegraph UK, printed on 12 July 2021

Read 5 things I wish I’d known in my 20s, featured in Kindred Spirit

Watch Agi on The Angel Rock and her interview with Lorilei Potvin

Read Agi’s article, Fall from “Greatness”: My Experience of Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and Why I wrote Generation Panic featured in Women Writers, Women’s Books online

Read Agi’s article featured in Discoco where she shares 5 top tips to manage anxiety

Listen to Agi’s talking on the Going Conscious podcast with Nikki Trott

Watch Agi’s interview on Belfast Real with Jonathan Watson

Read a review in the Working with Grace blog

Have a listen to Agi talking on A Dog Called Diversity with Lisa Mulligan

Have a listen to Agi talking on Coach Potatoes with Lara Quie.

Have a listen to Agi talking on the Not Just Anything podcast with Be-X.

Have a listen to Agi talking on the Ekho Academy podcast about pressure, anxiety and Generation Panic.

Agi is interviewed by Rebecca from Salt Whistle about Generation Panic.

Watch here.

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