I am the daughter of the generation that used ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ as their motto following the war years; or if you like, the ‘stiff upper lip/brave face brigade’. So I was taught by silent example to hold stress in rather than letting it out or managing it with coping strategies such as Agi Heale has laid out for her readers in Generation Panic.

Had this book been to hand I may have avoided a nervous breakdown, or burnout as I prefer to name it, many years ago. I went on to learn about anxiety ad how to manage it during my training as a professional counsellor. I am very glad that the generations below me are confronting mental health issues full on. It is a subject swept under the carpet, not explained or addressed for far too long.

This book explains what anxiety feels like, what to look out for, how to easily avoid a full blown panic attach and gives easy to follow techniques to conquer fears and worries. Have a notebook to hand to jot down tips, or stick page marker for quick reference when needed.

I have often recommend journal writing as a way to alleviate stress. Other coping strategies are excellent examples and I loved the analogies throughout the book which are most helpful. As you read, if feels as if Agi is there in front of you, talking to you through the examples of her personal experience and ways of combating anxiety. Her calming voice and easy to follow instructions will benefit readers no end.

It is a ‘dip in’ or read-straight-through book, one that sparks deep thoughts, changes your mindset and helps you know you are not alone suffering anxiety at any level, from mild symptoms through to a chronic state and panic attacks. The techniques, illustrated with simple and effective line drawings, can be referred to over and over again until you have mastered change.

Readers will identify with Agi’s experiences, learn from the action that can be taken and be reassured there is a way to live better. I highly recommend Generation Panic for anxiety sufferers, those who live with a highly anxious person, counsellors, coaches, medics etc.

Well done Agi Heale.

Susan M Flint – Retired Counsellor & Supervisor of Counsellors

Exceptionally and thoroughly ‘user friendly and effective in organisation and presentation, “Generation Panic: Simple & Empowering Techniques to Combat Anxiety” is an ideal and unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists of anyone having to deal with anxiety attacks (especially in the era of a pandemic), as well as community, college and university library General Psychology and Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections. It should be noted that “Generation Panic: Simple & Empowering Techniques to Combat Anxiety” is also readily available in digital book format.

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Generation Panic is an ideal guide and companion for anyone struggling under the weight of a demanding, fast-paced life. Agi expertly targets a group of people who may not otherwise seek help, leading them to better mental health with straight-forward strategies that really work. A must read for anyone suffering with anxiety.

Alice Mackintosh – Registered Nutritional Therapist

Since I suffered two major anxiety-driven depressive episodes in my thirties, I have discovered my own ways to stay calm and well. My life would have been much easier if only Agi Heale’s brilliant book had been around when I was unwell. I have learnt much from Generation Panic: what anxiety is, and fresh psychological and physical strategies to defeat its grip. Were I to wobble again, I have found a book I can return to: a companion to remember things that can help me feel confident and strong and something I would highly recommend to others.

Rachel Kelly, writer and mental health campaigner and author of the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller Black Rainbow: how words healed me – my journey through depression.

 This book is a gem.  It is the fusion of personal experience of anxiety, of helping others cope with their fears and of keen reading of the relevant research. It is accessible, practical and embodies the empathy that is truly therapeutic.

– Dr David Pendleton – Professor in Leadership, Henley Business School.

Don’t panic – there’s a lot you can do to regain control. I’m delighted that Agi Heale has gathered so many practical tools together. These have been tested in her moments of need and they can be used by all of us. I strongly recommend that you see what works for you and those you care for.

Ian McDermott, Founder of International Teaching Seminars (www.itsnlp.com)

I related so much to Agi’s GP story, having been in a similar place myself. I loved the easy tips and strategies that I felt I could implement immediately upon starting Generation Panic. By sharing her own personal experiences throughout the chapters, it reminds readers that they are not alone in their anxieties, stress and panic. This book is going to be a great help to a lot of people.

Charlie Watson – RD & author of Cook, Eat, Run

In my 20 years as an Executive Coach, I can attest to the widespread impact anxiety has on people at all levels of modern organisations.  In this wonderful book, Agi has not only been incredibly brave and vulnerable in sharing her own experiences with anxiety, but has provided a menu of simple, pragmatic, and very effective tools and techniques that can be readily applied to help overcome its debilitating impacts.

Rob Balmer, Managing Director – Executive Central Group

In Generation Panic, author Agi Heale offers accessible, easy to use techniques for managing anxiety sourced from her own experience. If you struggle with anxiety and long to be able to embrace a life of ease this book is for you. It is brimming with ideas and practical strategies to help you create sustainable change and set yourself free.

Karen Kimsey-House
Co-author of Co-Active Coaching and Co-founder of The Co-Active Training Institute

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