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I love coaching people who are in Generation Panic. They are often driven and ambitious professionals with a track record of achieving great things and just going through a time of feeling “off-centre”.

When we start coaching together clients are often facing a challenging time at work and their anxiety has become overwhelming. They are not quite themselves, unable to operate at a level that they normally do and struggle to think clearly under pressure.

You know when you go completely blank in a meeting even though you know what you need to say? Or you are unable to say no to a colleague because you want to impress, even though you know that you have too much on? Perhaps you don’t feel like you are doing yourself justice. All in all – anxiety seems to be dominating and it feels awful.

We work to get clarity around what’s important to get to the next level at work and build tools to ensure that the wrong kind of anxiety is a thing of the past and instead you feel calm, confident and in control

So that you can be truly successful and continue to be operating at the highest level – have it all – whilst feeling yourself. Ultimately getting unstuck and back on track.

Wherever you fly, you’ll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all of the rest. Except when you don’t because, sometimes, you won’t.”

Dr Seuss – Oh, The Places You’ll Go

The Process

I combine coaching, leadership development and neuroscience techniques. We build tools together to use again and again focused on creating a resilient, in control and confident mindset so that you can handle anything that comes your way.

We put together a coaching program, usually starting with 8 sessions, which gives us time to build the foundations, get clear on where they are heading and make real and lasting change. In a nutshell, get you performing at your best again… Sessions can be face to face in Singapore, or over Skype/ Zoom if you are anywhere else around the world.

Contact me to find out more about coaching: agi@agiheale.com


‘Working with Agi was brilliant. She pulled me out from possibly one of my darkest moments at work. She listened and knew exactly what was wrong and helped me “help” myself! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Agi to anyone looking to invest in themselves and get a clearer sense of the path ahead – whether in life, career or business.’

Cynthia, a Marketing and Partnerships Director

‘Agi was a very insightful coach and used tools and practices to help me deepen my understanding of people and relationship management. I felt like I grew professionally through our sessions and will certainly hold onto the valuable strategies we built together to continue to aid my leadership journey‘ 

Rozzy, a Director

‘The coaching sessions I had with Agi were brilliant! They came at a time when I needed significant strength and resilience to lead through a large change programme at work. Agi enabled me to get a fresh perspective on myself and my approach to work and home life. As the sessions progressed I really started to see things differently, gaining confidence in my own ability and restoring energy to tackle challenges. I would highly recommend coaching with Agi.’ 

Clare, a Regional Director

‘Agi has a wonderful ability to put you immediately at ease – I felt this from the very first time I spoke to her over the phone, and throughout all our subsequent sessions together in person. Through the various exercises that she guided me through, I was able to take away both abstract insights about myself, as well as concrete actions I could take. I would definitely recommend Agi as a coach for anybody who is hoping to understand themselves better and grow as an individual.’ 

Jo, a Consultant

‘Coaching with Agi has been one of the best growth and development experiences I’ve had. From the first session and every one thereafter, I’ve left uplifted, energised and refocused. Agi has helped me develop techniques that I now use every week and uncovered a mission statement that gives me focus every day. I am beyond grateful. I always advise people to invest in themselves and recommend Agi to anyone wishing to give themselves the gift of reflection and growth.’ 

Anna, head of business transformation

‘I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Agi to anyone looking to invest in themselves and get a clearer sense of the path ahead – whether in life, career or business. Agi is someone you immediately feel at ease with — Agi creates a very safe space for discussion, whatever the topic. I can’t thank her enough for her sensitivity, enthusiasm, and importantly, her determination to help me reach my full potential.’ 

Dean, Head of Partnerships

‘Working with Agi over the last 12 sessions has been an incredible experience. I was looking at ways of building my confidence both in business and in personal situations and the progress I have made over the last 6 months has been dramatic. Agi’s natural intelligence and sensitivity means that she sees the potential in you and with carefully tailored sessions will help you to bring it out.’ 

Mr Anonymous, an Entrepreneur/Restaurateur

‘I worked with Agi during my return to work from maternity leave and it was a truly eye-opening experience. In her sessions, often in scenic London spots, she creates an environment for true self exploration just by asking the right questions. I found myself opening up to her completely from the first session – it feels like talking to an old friend, but the outcome is much more profound. Almost one year on, I still rely on the techniques we developed in our sessions. If you are in transition, looking for new inspiration or simply want to challenge the status quo, I would thoroughly recommend Agi as a coach.’

Cileia, a Strategic Partner Manager

‘Agi is one of life’s positive thinkers. She brings an energy and aliveness to her coaching, while also creating a safe place for deep reflection. Our sessions helped move me out of my head and into action’

Helen, a Business Owner

‘Agi is really compassionate, non-judgemental and motivating. She comes across as a genuine rock solid support behind you, and empowers you in a quiet but strong way. She helps you keep your focus and goals in mind always and [works with you to] be more confident and positive.’ 

Miss Anonymous

‘I really cherished my sessions with Agi and would recommend giving it a try to anyone who feels lost or like they are lacking in focus in their lives. She has made me much more aware of what is important to me. Her kindness, sensitivity and insightfulness make her wonderful to work with and I feel very lucky to have been recommended her at the very time I needed her help the most.’ 

Leila, an Executive Assistant

‘Agi has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I feel better now in my day to day life thanks to the coaching I received from Agi. She helped me prioritize what was important in my life and professionally. Thank you Agi.’ 

Renata, a Coach

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