Digital Detox

Try to switch off your phone for a while to get less distracted. I know it may be challenging, as it is almost as though we do not know how to function without our phones. But we do! A digital detox can only be good for you. It would reduce the ‘noise’ from social media particularly. We like, do not like, we judge and feel judged. Scrolling on social media can be pleasant and fun, but also time-consuming and draining of your energy. 

Therefore, to calm down and reduce worries and anxiety, leave your phone for a moment. Think twice before you pick it up again. How do I do it? I will put my phone in another room, so that I cannot even unconsciously pick it up. When out and about I have, at times, put it in a pouch so that I have to think before I open it and take it out. At one point, I even put a post-it on my phone saying “Really?!”. It reminds me of the things that actually may require my attention more than what is happening on the screen. 

Now, you try. Become more mindful and enjoy the moment. Commit to more being and less doing. You will get to experience positive moments and the worry and anxiety will bother you less. Let me know how it goes. 

#GenerationPanic #Anxiety #Meditation #Mindfulness #DigitalDetox

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