Find Your Creative Flow

Do you feel stuck at work in the same routines day after day? Are you struggling for inspiration? For many Generation Panic’ers this is common. With very demanding jobs and packed agendas with scheduled activities, we have little room left for creativity. We are often spinning around on a fast-paced hamster wheel – how canContinue reading “Find Your Creative Flow”

Try Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and yet, in many ways, it seems that it is most needed now. In a time where we often feel overwhelmed by all the “noise” and everything we have to do and accomplish, we forget to be in the moment, and to sit still and be silent.Continue reading “Try Meditation & Mindfulness”

Your Best Self: Take Back Control

Do you have a little voice in your head constantly criticising you? As if you have an invisible little gremlin on your shoulder telling you that you are doing everything wrong and not quite good enough? You are not alone – this Saboteur is within all of us. The more we listen and interact withContinue reading “Your Best Self: Take Back Control”

Comfort Zone – Help or Hinderance?

Our comfort zone is a place where we feel safe, protected and peaceful… For much of the time, it can feel like the best place to be. It is beneficial to have a calm spot that you can return to, particularly as it can be so exhausting just getting through the day with your anxiety.Continue reading “Comfort Zone – Help or Hinderance?”