Move from feeling alone, overwhelmed and on the back foot to being positive, more confident and calmer.

Is anxiety making you feel overwhelmed and alone? No idea where or how to start getting relief? 

Perhaps you’re ambitious and a high-achiever but there is so much pressure.  You’re trying to keep up but you’re not used to feeling this way. Are you tired of pretending you’re in control

Welcome, you’re in the right place. I’ve been there. I want to help you to stop feeling lost and riddled with self-doubt; I want to give you all the tools and techniques you need to get back on track and start living a fulfilled and panic-free life. We all have anxiety; it’s about managing it and having the right level to propel you forward not back.

I’ll be using my own experiences of anxiety to help you get off life’s never ending ‘hamster wheel’ and accomplish what you really want. ‘Generation Panic’ will ensure that the wrong kind of anxiety is a thing of the past. 

Be happier every single day.

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With first-hand experience and expertise in the coaching field, Agi understands what is needed to get back on track. Read more about her experience and how Generation Panic will transform your life to one which can manage anxiety.


A one-stop resource to combat anxiety for high achieving professionals. Generation Panic will help you build a better relationship with anxiety and become happier.


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This book is a gem.  It is the fusion of personal experience of anxiety, of helping others cope with their fears and of keen reading of the relevant research. It is accessible, practical and embodies the empathy that is truly therapeutic.

Dr David Pendleton – Professor in Leadership, Henley Business School

If you struggle with anxiety and long to be able to embrace a life of ease this book is for you. It is brimming with ideas and practical strategies to help you create sustainable change and set yourself free.

Download the first chapter of Generation Panic here!

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